Code of Conduct


At NSDA, we are committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment.  To ensure a happy experience for everyone, please adhere to the Code of Conduct. 


  • Have appropriate clothing on when arriving and leaving the studio and put the NSDA tracksuit or a T-shirt over dance uniform.
  • Hair must be in a neat bun for Ballet and Contemporary and a bun or neat pony-tail for Jazz.
  • No jewellery is to be worn to class, (stud earrings only are permitted).
  • Arrive on time for class to avoid disruption to other students.  It is recommended that students arrive at the studio at least 10 minutes before class to allow time to warm-up and prepare for class.
  • Ballet students from Primary to Grade 4 are required to attend 2 Syllabus classes weekly.
  • Junior students are not to leave the studio premises without a parent or guardian.
  • The final decision regarding entrance for exams is made by the Director.
  • Vocational/Senior students from Intermediate Foundation upwards are expected to attend NSDA holiday schools throughout the year.
  • Junior and Senior students are not permitted to attend any other dance school or holiday school at any other dance school, unless permission is granted by NSDA.   
  • No student is allowed to enter an eisteddfod without prior permission from NSDA.      
  • No Ballet, Jazz or Contemporary solos are taught unless respective weekly classes are attended. 
  • Students cannot select which teacher they have for private tuition or for classes.
  • All choreography is taught by NSDA faculty.
  • All solo and group choreography/dances are the property of NSDA.  If a student leaves, these remain with NSDA to be passed on to other students.
  • No NSDA dances or choreographed class work done in class are to be put on Youtube, Facebook or any other social media platforms unless permission has been granted by NSDA.   
  • NSDA tracksuits are required to be worn at all eisteddfods and are the class uniform. 
  • Respect and look after dance costumes.  No eating or drinking, (except water), is allowed when students are wearing costumes to avoid spillage and staining.
  • Always be respectful to NSDA faculty. 
  • Respect should be shown to all NSDA students.  No bullying, gossip or isolation of other students is permitted. 
  • If interacting with peers on social media, this must be done respectfully.
  • Please respect the studio premises by using the bins provided and cleaning up after yourself.
  • NSDA reserves the right to ask any student to leave class or the Academy for inappropriate behaviour on the part of students or their parents/guardians.

Parents, Guardians, Grandparents & extended family:

  • Please respect and follow the advice and direction provided by NSDA faculty and be supportive of the children.  It is more important to focus on children’s efforts rather than winning or losing. 
  • Appreciate that children participate in dance for their own enjoyment.
  • Please teach your children respect for other students, teachers, faculty, examiners and adjudicators and lead by example. 
  • If a parent has requested private tuition or eisteddfod training for their child, then they must expect to cover fully any expenses involved.
  • Parents cannot select which teacher they have for their child’s private lessons or class lessons.
  • Parents should interact with other parents and students respectfully on any social media platform.
  • NSDA reserves the right to ask a student to leave the Academy for inappropriate behaviour by a Parent, Guardian, Grandparent or friend.